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What is a magnetic coupling?

A magnet coupling is used to transfer the power from a motor to impeller without any direct touch.

The motor will drive the outer rotor rotates. With magnets’ rebelling and attracting force, the inner rotor does synchronously rotate with outer rotor. Outer rotor and inner rotor don’t touch each other directly. Finally the inner rotor will drive the impeller rolling.

The shroud will seal the inner rotor and medium inside the pump, preventing the toxic or corrosion medium going outside the pump.


Mix and Match

Combination Type OR-Material IR-Material Applied to condition
OR1 + IR5 Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Medium enviroment, minimal corrosion
OR2/3/4 + IR6/7 Carbon Steel Stainless Steel acid
OR2/3/4 + IR8 Carbon Steel Plastic alkali

Types of OR & IR

with envelope
with fulling glue
all sealed by welding

For standard dimensions

please refer to magnet coupling info sheet.


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